Really, there isn’t anything I could say about this piece that it’s not already saying itself.  Oh!  Except that it’s for the same lucky, lucky individual for whom I made the “Bite Me” trivet as seen in my maiden post.  He got such a kick out of the first piece that I brought my Subversive Cross Stitch book to work to show him, and he started laughing when he saw this one.  Knowing his birthday was coming up, I figured I could swing it, and make his day…..twice in just a couple of months.  Go me!  Without further ado, I present to you:

See what I mean about the picture saying it all?  😛

He comes back to work on Wednesday (from Vegas, the lucky bum…), and I think this is the perfect way to welcome him back!

“Trick or Kitty Treat”

October 19, 2008

By Brittercup Designs, I found this gem in the Just Cross Stitch special Halloween ornament section.  Why Halloween deserves ornaments now, I’ll never know, but I thought it was cute anyway.  I stitched it for me mum; it’s currently on display in the living room.

It’s over one thread on 28-count fabric….so it’s actually quite tiny: 2 1/4 ” by 2 1/2″, I think.  The frame I put it in is only 3″ x 3″, so that should give you some idea.

The original design had a spider button attached, so it looked like the kitty was stalking its prey, but I think it looks just as cute without it….like he’s sleepy after a busy day guarding the pumpkin!

Naughty or Nice?

October 12, 2008

I do apologize for the long-time-no-posts….I’m going to blame work for this one, but I’m hoping to be posting a lot more soon, what with the holidays rapidly approaching.  At any rate, on with the crafty goodness, yes?

I had purchased the Lisa Petrucci designs from some time ago, though I hadn’t yet committed them to fabric.  Then my friend Dan got her own place, and decided to go and have a birthday shortly thereafter (inasmuch as one’s birthday can be determined by free will, of course :P), and somehow, a set of hand-embroidered tea towels seemed like the perfect housewarming/b-day pressie.  Especially when they’re this cool.  I particularly like the devil – clearly, being bad is more fun than being good!

Hanging side-by-side on the oven door:

And close-ups:

And now, of course, I want to do the devil again…for myself!